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20 Mar

Monthly Ministry Update

Thank you for your gifts to this ministry. Your prayers and your giving make possible our mission to Share God’s love and salvation. Aside from our main areas of ministry focus, there are many people whom we help with medical needs, housing, food, and small jobs to become self-supporting. This month, there seemed to be a greater number of medical needs. I share this with you, as these are needs you are helping to meet. Kefa, one of our middle school students,...

20 Mar

Focus on Love

Happy Valentine’s Month. As I consider the focus on love this month and reflect on ten years in Rwanda, I think back to the reason Love Alive was begun. I John 4 tells us that God is Love and that all who are in Him will share this love. When God created the world and man in it, He desired a relationship with us. When man chose to sin against Him, in His love and mercy, he made the way...

10 Jan

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I trust you had a wonderful season celebrating our Savior’s birth and sharing His love and salvation. I am always grateful for the opportunities the Christmas season affords us to celebrate His birth and show His love. ...

16 Aug

Sponsorship, Expansion, Babies and Churches Monthly Update.

Please allow me to express my gratitude to you for your gracious gift to this ministry. Each month, I write thank you letters to each person who gives, but I stop to wonder if they realize the impact they make, and the appreciation I have for each person who invests in this ministry, and in the lives impacted. Please know. You matter. Your gift makes a difference. Lives are changed. God’s goodness is displayed. This month, the school year ended, ending...

16 Aug

A Message from a Local Pastor

Thank you so much for your gift to the ministry of Love Alive. This month I want to share with you a letter from a partner church pastor here. He asked me to share this letter with those who have helped his church.  I hope it blesses you as it did me.                      Message from Pastor Patrick and Philomene Ntaganda I am Pastor Patrick Ntaganda from Agape Church Rwanda. I am married to Philomene, and we have two children, Ariston and Alvin. After graduating...

16 Aug

Partner Churches

During the month of May, I was able to visit 3 of our partner churches. Visiting the Agape Church of Pastor Patrick is always a blessing. Four years ago, we partnered with this church to build. It seemed a long process at times with many delays, but what a blessing to see this church opened for 6 months now, and worshiping, growing, discipling and baptizing. There were more than 100 adults plus children on the day I visited. Patrick is a...

16 Aug

Bye, Bye, Cold Nights

As I walk through our preschool during aquatic life week, our 3-year class is hearing the story of the miracle of the disciples catching an abundance of fish. The 4-year-olds are “fishing” in basins of water using magnetic fish and poles, and 5-year olds are watching videos of ocean life, as they’ve never been exposed to these creatures or their pictures and videos. I see children laughing, learning and engaged. I see the way their teachers love them, and I...

22 Mar

We Got Our Permit

Thank you for your financial gift to this ministry, and thank you for your prayers. We have a building permit! Eight months of waiting, praying, and petitioning were finally rewarded with permission to build our new facility. Baby Manzi has gone home. This little one’s recovering is only by the hand of God. Though he went home this weekend, his mother keeps me updated, and tells me that anyone who sees him, sees a miracle. These are our biggest answers to prayer this...