Aspire Academy

The Dream: A school of academic excellence available to all.

We dream of a school integrating the most modern research-based teaching methods with a hands-on learning experience for each student. We desire an atmosphere where trained teachers lead their students to their full God-given capacity.  Beginning with play-based learning in preschool and continuing with student-led learning in primary school, we will create an environment where children are loved and inspired to become all they are created to be.

The Need: Quality education in the early developmental years

Education has been found by researchers to be the most essential element in overcoming poverty; yet, quality education is often inaccessible to the underprivileged.

In Rwanda, UNICEF has found fewer than 60% of children under five meet developmental standards and states that up to 4 in 10 children under 5 are severely delayed in motor, language, social and cognitive skills. Children in poverty are 3 times as likely to suffer severe developmental delays.  In order to combat this problem, early childhood development programs are essential, yet only 1 in 5 children aged 3-6 has access to preschool . Only a small minority of parents are engaged in learning and play activities at home with their children. Half of all children will be victimized by domestic violence by age 2.

We desire a superior academic experience for all children beginning with early interventions by age 2.  Two years ago, we opened our preschool, asking only $10 per term per student. While this is only a fraction of the operating costs, we wanted our school to be available to all. Our school focuses on families in the 2 lowest economic categories in Rwanda. Those who cannot pay are given scholarship. Learning through Play, discipline without punishment or violence, and understanding the intrinsic worth of children are all values we are able to teach to parents through example,  school  meetings, and parent teacher conferences. Little-by-little, we can change our community.

We need your help. For the past two school years, we have rented a facility that has allowed us to serve up to 90 students per year. We have twice as many children on a waiting list, yet we have no place to expand. We also find parents asking us to continue educating their children in primary school once they see how their children grow and develop in our programs. Our program is a child-friendly atmosphere, focusing on the natural development of children as they are introduced to new information. It is a holistic approach including social, motor, and language skills with nutritious meals, and family engagement for best possible outcomes.

Meet One of Our Students, 3-year-old Deborah, and see the school’s impact in her life.