During the month of May, I was able to visit 3 of our partner churches.

Visiting the Agape Church of Pastor Patrick is always a blessing. Four years ago, we partnered with this church to build. It seemed a long process at times with many delays, but what a blessing to see this church opened for 6 months now, and worshiping, growing, discipling and baptizing. There were more than 100 adults plus children on the day I visited. Patrick is a faithful man of God. We are blessed to have dedicated church-partners.

One of the very first churches we partnered with was that of Pastor Damour, a rural farmer and village pastor, who had gone from a life of alcoholism to the transformation of Salvation and growth in Christ. We helped them build a new building and upgrade it when new regulations were made. This church has reopened post-Covid, but I covet your prayers for them. The two-years in which churches were forced to shut down, were hard on believers, churches and pastors. This church needs prayer for encouragement and renewal. We plan to work with them in the upcoming vacation time to encourage the church body.

At the Baptist church led by Pastor Gatwaya, we were excited to be able to provide Bibles to each adult present. This is another church God allowed us to assist in reopening three years ago. A church in a rural mountain region, the believers come from far. The pastor himself walks 2 and ½ hours to church.  During the offering, I watched people bring sugar cane, potatoes, and a few eggs, while the children’s class had collected guava to bring for the offering. These items are given as the members have no money as is normal for village life. The believers bring “the first fruits of their labor.” While we go to bless and encourage the churches, this church particularly blessed us with their gratitude. They surprised us and evangelist Cyiza, who had accompanied us with gifts of plantains, potatoes, and even a chicken and a rabbit.  While the latter were intended as food gifts, Blaise believes we are now beginning our own backyard farm.

I’m so glad you have joined with us to walk alongside these local churches.