Vocational Training

Education has been proven by numerous studies to be the number one factor in overcoming poverty. It is the primary essential in advancement and employment.

For those who were unable to study past primary school, Vocational training is an excellent avenue for advancement.

By studying at a vocational training school for one year, a student can be equipped with an essential skill set that can result in self-employment, or employment, or other career opportunities in a trade needed and used locally.

Each year, in addition to our own vocational training centers that focus especially on women, we sponsor various youth to local technical schools where they can learn skills including mechanics, welding, construction, carpentry, cosmetology, & tourism. These skills can lead directly to jobs in the community.

A student can be sponsored to a year of vocational training for $200.

A graduation gift package of essential tools to begin working can greatly benefit a graduating student for $150.