Hospital Care Fund

Curled up in his mother’s arms in a hospital bed, he sobbed and writhed in pain. Consoling the mother, I assured her, “Don’t worry, as soon as the medicine is in his system, he’ll be feeling immediately better.” While malaria is deadly and excruciatingly painful, it is also thoroughly and readily curable with only a few pills.
I left the hospital and returned the next day to find the child in the same pained condition. I soon learned, that though the child had insurance, he lacked the funds to purchase the life-saving and pain-freeing condition. I immediately offered to pay for the child’s medical care. Surprisingly, this life-saving medication along with IV’s, gloves, needles, gauze and anything the child needed to be cured cost a total of $1.30. Yes, One dollar and thirty cents to save a life.
I tried to imagine being a mother, watching with apprehension and pity as my child writhed in pain with an illness that can be fatal, and yet not having the ability to procure this little bit of money to provide his cure.
I soon began spending many days at the hospital, and learned that cases such as this little one occurred daily, and with multiple persons each day. As the hospital simply cannot continue to operate without ability to pay its utilities and employees, the physicians have no ability to continue to provide care for those who cannot pay.
In partnership with our local hospital, Love Alive International now has an account specifically to provide for the needs of those who cannot obtain the necessary medical treatment without our assistance. Through this fund, each month we are able to assist mother’s delivering babies, babies born with medical conditions, patients with malaria & Tuberculosis, victims of auto accidents, and severe burn victims. We have provided surgeries and numerous emergency procedures.
We regularly visit all hospital patients to pray with them and provide small gifts and encouragement. We maintain strong relationships with all hospital staff, and are able to minister to physical, spiritual and emotional needs through our Hospital Care Fund.

“I was sick, and You visited Me.” Jesus in Matthew 25:36