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10950643_677726332336652_947888714483852653_oLove Alive International would fail to adequately convey the love of Christ if we failed to share the ultimate message of Christ’s love in his plan of Salvation for mankind. In fact, were it not for the ultimate Gospel message, Love Alive International would not exist.

While humanitarian efforts are a major channel for demonstrating Christ’s love, the Salvation message is the primary gift of love from God to man. Any gift, however great or small, given through Love Alive, will be carried with the message of God’s love for mankind and His desire for a personal relationship with each individual.

One major area of our Evangelism concentration is in training leaders and members of local churches to know the Bible and teaching1119898_420142581428363_1918486017_o them to go and make disciples. Through local churches, we hold trainings Bible Study Seminars, Sunday School teacher’s seminars, & Pastoral trainings. We also hold weekly Bible clubs, and many Vacation Bible Schools for children throughout the year.

The Bible was first translated into Kinyarwanda (The national language of Rwanda) in 1990. Bibles are still scarce–so much so that in many congregations of 100-200 people as few as 5 people will own a Bible of their own. We have made it a mission to provide Bibles to individuals and entire Church congregations. In this way, we can place the Holy Scriptures into their hands, train them to read and study God’s Word, and empower them to know God personally and grow in their relationship with Him.

Additionally, Love Alive is active in sharing the JESUS film. The JESUS film is a fantastic way to share the New Testament with large audiences in their own language. We have had the opportunity to show this film to crowds of literally hundreds in schools and communities and even in a prison. Each time this film is shown, audiences are captivated at seeing the life of Christ portrayed, and listening to Him speak in their native tongue. This effective tool for sharing the gospel attracts large crowds and creates a phenomenal avenue for introducing the Gospel to those who have never heard and speaking to the hearts of believers.

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  1. Dear the founder of Love Alive International,

    I appreciate the mission of your ministry and praying for you.


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