While Rwandans prize education and the government has made public education available to all citizens, many children are still unable to attend school. How is it possible that public education could be free, but a family could still not afford to send its children? The truth is many families lack the money to be able to afford the uniform, minor school fees, or school supplies such as paper, pens, and notebooks.  When a family has several children to provide for, education is a necessity that is often sacrificed. Education is the key to the future for many Rwandan children. Jobs are available for those who are educated, but the means to education is often lost.  Imagine the difference you could make in the life of a child or an entire family by assisting them with the opportunity of education by providing a uniform, shoes, and school supplies. A one-time gift of $45 can provide a child’s education for one year, providing school fees, uniform and school supplies. 

Give a Child Education for One Year | $45

Buy a Child Shoes | $16 Donate a Custom Amount

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