As I walk through our preschool during aquatic life week, our 3-year class is hearing the story of the miracle of the disciples catching an abundance of fish. The 4-year-olds are “fishing” in basins of water using magnetic fish and poles, and 5-year olds are watching videos of ocean life, as they’ve never been exposed to these creatures or their pictures and videos. I see children laughing, learning and engaged. I see the way their teachers love them, and I am grateful. Mostly, I’m grateful to you.

In the afternoon, the after-school children arrive, and after they have eaten and played outdoors, we give everyone empty boxes, scissors, markers and crayons and let them eagerly create.  A few students have special gifts sent from sponsors. Two little girls receive blankets, and one excitedly states, “Bye-bye cold nights,” as she is thrilled to have something to keep her warm in the night.  One little boy receives clothes and shoes, and his mom expresses her gratitude admitting he had no clothes at all other than his school uniform which he wears daily at home and school. As my colleague stated, “You cannot imagine a happier child,” than this boy receiving clothes and shoes.

This week over 200 thank you letters we mailed out to sponsors. If you sponsor a child, your letter is on the way.

Thank you for the part you have in this ministry. Thank you for your prayers and for your giving.