Please allow me to express my gratitude to you for your gracious gift to this ministry. Each month, I write thank you letters to each person who gives, but I stop to wonder if they realize the impact they make, and the appreciation I have for each person who invests in this ministry, and in the lives impacted. Please know. You matter. Your gift makes a difference. Lives are changed. God’s goodness is displayed.

This month, the school year ended, ending the second year of our early childhood development program. We love the privilege of investing in these lives wholly through education, nutrition, social and spiritual development.  We are excited to announce that we are expanding this upcoming year with 3 more classrooms and 4 more teachers. This will double our current capacity.  This means, that I am busy with teacher interviews, student registration, painting new classrooms and furniture, organizing resources and preparing curriculum. We are anticipating a great year ahead.

With the school year ending, sponsorship renewal is in full swing. For several years now, we have sponsored over 400 children whose education would be severely jeopardized or they would not be in school at all without our support.

We have begun building! Our new school property is under construction. We are excited to have begun with a few small steps as we continue to fundraise for the continuation of this building, which will house 16 classrooms. This facility will greatly increase our capacity to serve, not only in education and early childhood development, but also nutrition program and women’s outreaches.

This month, I visited two of our partner churches. In Ramba, several years ago we held a Sunday school teacher’s training for ten sister churches. These churches have continued to hold Sunday schools, and hold a monthly gathering of all children of all churches. What fun  to be able to visit with them, teach the children, and see the long-term effects, not only of our training, but these teachers who have continued to work with these children each week. At another church, we were able to present them with a donation given specifically on their behalf to purchase 200 chairs. They were so excited to see God’s hand meeting their needs through Christian brothers and sisters whom they’ve never met.

We’ve also had 2 babies to care for this month. One day before our beautiful Eva Rose was joined with her new family, Iranzi Precious was born and placed in our care. Iranzi means “God knows me.” I named her this after seeing her hospital name bracelet which read “baby unknown.” She is known to God, and we are privileged to care for her for a time.

You are making a difference. Thank you for choosing to be part of God’s work in lives here.

May God be praised.