January (2021) marked 8 years of Love Alive’s work here in Rwanda. God has blessed us to have partnerships with many churches and to have worked with hundreds of churches in our training programs. He has blessed us to share the gospel with thousands of children each year in vacation Bible school programs across the country.

More 300 women have taken part in our vocational training schools in sewing or salon, where they have learned a trade and been equipped with the materials to support themselves. We have 450 children in our   sponsorship program, have distributed thousands of Bibles, and have provided 700 chickens and many goats for food production and nutrition. Our partnership with our local hospital continues to provide medical care for dozens of patients each month, and allowed us to care for the many orphaned or abandoned babies we are linked to through this program. While these ministries continue, we are excited to be opening a preschool for the first time in the next month.

Bible Distribution for local churches

God has led each step and opened each door for each of these programs. It’s truly amazing to see what He has done in these years, and what He continues to do. I share this summary to demonstrate what your graciousness in being a financial partner with us is allowing here. To God be the glory.  May He bless you richly now and in eternity for all you have done.

I trust you have seen our updates this past week about our new preschool and our first harvest in our farm project.  It is an exciting year, and I am so grateful to have your partnership in this ministry.