‘Tis the Season! I write hoping this letter finds you in the full joy and awe of the Savior born into our world as we celebrate the season of His coming.

Thank you for your generosity to the ministry of Love Alive. Every gift is a gracious kindness to us, and we are happy to be able to use these gifts to show Christ’s love to the community here.

This past month, we have made progress in obtaining our building permit for our future location and school, and I trust and pray that we are very near being granted permission to begin building. This will greatly expand our potential to invest in the lives of children and their families here, while also giving us a permanent place to work from.  Our preschool children are thriving. We are excited that we have been able to open our after-school program to children in the area not previously in our program.

Agape Church, which Love Alive partnered with to build the facility, was granted permission to open a few months ago. Already, they have 30 new believers awaiting baptism. We are helping them coordinate a time for this before this year ends. We will be with them for a children’s program just before Christmas. We have one more church we have partnered with that we hope we will see reopened in time for Christmas.

We are excited to be preparing a large Rwandan Christmas display in our community. This is something we began last year, and it was much appreciated. I have greatly expanded it, as I had much time for creating and painting during stay-home orders in the past year. We pray it will be both a blessing and a testimony in the community.

Sadly, due to severe drought, our farms have been a total loss this season. Sadly, this is true in many parts of the country.

We continue to be able to help with individual needs on a daily basis. We have been helping several on a weekly basis receive the trauma therapy they need to regain hope and restoration. We have several children we are helping to receive medical care they need. This weekend our local mayor’s office contacted us to provide temporary care for an infant abandoned. We are grateful to be able to minister to each of these. Moreover, we are grateful to you for the manner in which your generosity and compassion allow us to meet the needs before us.