rwanda churches

16 Jan

Christmas Greetings

‘Tis the Season! I write hoping this letter finds you in the full joy and awe of the Savior born into our world as we celebrate the season of His coming. Thank you for your generosity to the ministry of Love Alive. Every gift is a gracious kindness to us, and we are happy to be able to use these gifts to show Christ’s love to the community here. This past month, we have made progress in obtaining our building permit for...

16 Jan

Love Alive Celebrates 8 Years in Rwanda

January (2021) marked 8 years of Love Alive’s work here in Rwanda. God has blessed us to have partnerships with many churches and to have worked with hundreds of churches in our training programs. He has blessed us to share the gospel with thousands of children each year in vacation Bible school programs across the country. More 300 women have taken part in our vocational training schools in sewing or salon, where they have learned a trade...

15 Jan

ACTS Update

ACTS:  Do know the experience when you can stand and reflect that God is answering specific prayers in a powerful way? This is my feeling when I see what God is doing and allowing us to be a part of regarding the churches here in Rwanda. I remember the feelings of devastation as we saw the closure of more than 6,000 churches in Rwanda last year. I, along with many Rwandans, cried out to God for help.  Eighteen months later, we...

02 May

Agape Church Construction Under Way!

I thank you for your prayers on behalf of the churches here, specifically those with whom we continue to work. We are rejoicing that God allowed us to see the third church needing renovation reopened. We also praise God that after 14 months of perseverance, patience, and prayer, the building permit for a fourth church, Agape with Pastor Patrick was granted. The construction of that church is well-under way.   This is nothing less than miraculous. Thank you for choosing to partner with...

02 May


Each year, on April 7th, the Country of Rwanda takes time to stop and reflect on the atrocities that sought to destroy this country over a hundred-day period in 1994. This year marks 25 years of growing peace, restoration and advancement for this country that continues to heal post genocide. Memorials, walks, vigils and various methods of reflection will continue throughout the next 100 days. We thank God for the peace and security that is present today. As we ended the...

02 May

Churches are Beginning to Open!

Because of the continued giving of friends like you, this past month we were able to see one church re-opened, and 2 set to open within the next month. We began a vocational short-course of 3 months to assist women who had previously studied with Love Alive, but we found were not working. The purpose of this short course is to help them improve skills where they lack confidence, and be able to begin working as intended. Our ongoing Scarlet Cord...