10 Jan

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I trust you had a wonderful season celebrating our Savior’s birth and sharing His love and salvation. I am always grateful for the opportunities the Christmas season affords us to celebrate His birth and show His love. ...

16 Jan

Christmas Greetings

‘Tis the Season! I write hoping this letter finds you in the full joy and awe of the Savior born into our world as we celebrate the season of His coming. Thank you for your generosity to the ministry of Love Alive. Every gift is a gracious kindness to us, and we are happy to be able to use these gifts to show Christ’s love to the community here. This past month, we have made progress in obtaining our building permit for...

16 Jan

Love Alive Celebrates 8 Years in Rwanda

January (2021) marked 8 years of Love Alive’s work here in Rwanda. God has blessed us to have partnerships with many churches and to have worked with hundreds of churches in our training programs. He has blessed us to share the gospel with thousands of children each year in vacation Bible school programs across the country. More 300 women have taken part in our vocational training schools in sewing or salon, where they have learned a trade...

16 Jan

Ever Grateful for Your Partnership

Hello. I am ever grateful for your friendship to this ministry. Truly, Love Alive is far more than I ever anticipated, and is used by God to bless, further, and positively impact so many lives because of generous friends of this ministry like you. I appreciate you. In two weeks we will conclude our first year of having our own preschool. Three weeks later we will begin a new school year! As you think of and pray for this ministry, you may...

16 Jan

A Bountiful Harvest & An Open Door

(May, 2021)Our Farmers were able to harvest 1,700 pounds of beans this month, and plan to harvest their maize and sorghum this next month. They are thrilled at how this project is allowing them to farm to provide for their families nearly year round. Our preschool is in its second semester, and the children and their parents are loving the education the students are receiving. We have purchased an acre of land to begin building. We have obtained our land title,...