Hello. I am ever grateful for your friendship to this ministry. Truly, Love Alive is far more than I ever anticipated, and is used by God to bless, further, and positively impact so many lives because of generous friends of this ministry like you. I appreciate you.

In two weeks we will conclude our first year of having our own preschool. Three weeks later we will begin a new school year!

As you think of and pray for this ministry, you may have noticed some changes in this past year. While we have our preschool, community farming, medical support and sponsorship, we have had far less involvement directly with churches and have not had any vocational training centers this year.

We are still friends and partners of many churches and pastors. Unfortunately, Covid regulations here have made much of our church partnerships impossible at this time. Most of our church partners cannot get permission to open their churches, sometimes even after we have helped them meet the regulations given. Also there have been no group gatherings allowed in over 18 months now.  We still partner with churches when possible, and maintain communication with them. We have faith that soon our ministries with them will continue.

We are also streamlining some of our outreaches as we try to focus our area of impact. After 8 years of working with children and sponsoring students, we began our own preschool. We have purchased 1.2 acres of land to build a school. The building plans have been drawn, and we continue negotiations to be permitted to build this school.

Future plan of Aspire Academy

With this undertaking, we have chosen to scale back in other areas to maximize our efforts in children and educating them while daily influencing them for Christ.

Please pray with us as this endeavor is not without its challenges. The first challenge has been the denial of a building permit. We continue to pursue this and pray that it will be granted by the grace and favor of God. September 2021