July sent Rwanda back into lockdown for two weeks. Lockdown afforded me some time to work on our Christmas project. We began with a small nativity display last year, and I have plans to broaden that this coming year. I sensed we would be going into lockdown, and stocked up on wood and paint before we were on our stay-home order. It is my desire that this display would be a means of sharing the gospel in the community.

Now that lockdown is over, school has resumed for the final term with preschool through third grade (all other grades having completed their school year).  Churches remain closed as well as restaurants and many other venues. 

We are in our second week back in school for our final term. This means I am also preparing curriculum, materials and budgets for the next school year.

We have this month paid the health insurance of 600 people in our programs and community. This health insurance covers 90% of their costs at hospitals and doctor visits, and makes it possible for many to obtain healthcare when they would otherwise go without.

We continue to pursue our building permit for our school as we trust God’s sovereignty in this.

Thank you for all of the ways you are impacting lives here. May God’s favor be lavished on you.

August 2021