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Ever Grateful for Your Partnership

Hello. I am ever grateful for your friendship to this ministry. Truly, Love Alive is far more than I ever anticipated, and is used by God to bless, further, and positively impact so many lives because of generous friends of this ministry like you. I appreciate you. In two weeks we will conclude our first year of having our own preschool....


Medical Insurance for 600

July sent Rwanda back into lockdown for two weeks. Lockdown afforded me some time to work on our Christmas project. We began with a small nativity display last year, and I have plans to broaden that this coming year. I sensed we would be going into lockdown, and stocked up on wood and paint before we were on our stay-home...


Rwanda Independence Day and Liberation Day

Here in Rwanda, today, July 1st, is Independence Day, and July 4th is Liberation Day, the day the 1994 genocide ended. Ordinarily, July 4th would be a day of celebration with presidential ceremonies, concerts, and military parades; however, as of today, we have returned to a semi-lockdown status. All schools, churches, restaurants, and non-essential businesses are closed. While in the...


ACTS Update

ACTS:  Do know the experience when you can stand and reflect that God is answering specific prayers in a powerful way? This is my feeling when I see what God is doing and allowing us to be a part of regarding the churches here in Rwanda. I remember the feelings of devastation as we saw the closure of more than 6,000...


It’s Sponsorship Time!

It’s  Sponsorship Time! As we begin a New Year, Children in Rwanda begin a new school year. The school year 2020 begins in just days on January 6! We have registered all students to our capacity at this time, with 100 more on a waiting list. If you sponsor a student through Love Alive’s sponsorship program, the time to renew your sponsorship is now! If...