(May, 2021)Our Farmers were able to harvest 1,700 pounds of beans this month, and plan to harvest their maize and sorghum this next month. They are thrilled at how this project is allowing them to farm to provide for their families nearly year round.

Our preschool is in its second semester, and the children and their parents are loving the education the students are receiving. We have purchased an acre of land to begin building. We have obtained our land title, and are in the process of obtaining a building permit.

Circle time in Pre-K 4

While these are our major focus ministries, daily ministry often comes in the form of those who come daily for support, prayer and advice. Our office door remains open for the woman who came a few moments ago to tell me that her husband, age 43, died from complications of diabetes leaving her with 7 children, no home, and no means of support. Yesterday, it was a lady needing surgery for her child with spina bifida, a mother who was praying for her daughter whom she thought to be demon possessed. When I visited the home, I quickly found the daughter was suffering horribly from seizures. We were able to get the daughter hospitalized and medicated to greatly reduce the seizures.

We are able to assist all of these people in the name of Jesus, because caring folks like you are endowed with generous hearts and compassionate souls! Thank you for partnering with us prayerfully so that we may continue to share the love and light of Christ.