Here in Rwanda, today, July 1st, is Independence Day, and July 4th is Liberation Day, the day the 1994 genocide ended. Ordinarily, July 4th would be a day of celebration with presidential ceremonies, concerts, and military parades; however, as of today, we have returned to a semi-lockdown status. All schools, churches, restaurants, and non-essential businesses are closed. While in the USA, over 40% have been vaccinated; here we are seeing the highest number of cases in Rwanda to date.

While the shutdown did end our second term of our preschool one week early, we had foreseen this possibility, and were well prepared. Our teachers are working diligently, and our little learners are discovering and growing each day.

Meanwhile, we have developed the building plans for our new property and will apply for a building permit once official offices are open again.  We are excited and prayerful about this next chapter.  Please pray with us for all of the details of building, but mostly that the center would be a place where lives are blessed and God is glorified for many years to come.

Future Aspire Academy

As always, allow me to extend my sincere appreciation for your generosity to this ministry and the people blessed by it. It is truly your kindness that humbles me, cheers the heart of God, and allows so many needs to be met.

July 1, 2021