Rwanda missions

04 Apr

It has been 3 months already?!?! God is so good!

Wow! Wow! Wow! This has been such a full month of activity, expansion and blessings. Can you believe Love Alive has now placed 40 children in school?!?!? 40! That’s 40 little lives given an opportunity to read and write. These kids are so excited about going to school they beg to go even during breaks. One child was upset that when I put him into “summer school” (The schools are on a 3 week break here.)...

31 Mar

Ordinary Walk on an Ordinary Day

As I walked to town, I passed the Catholic church, where so very many persons line the sidewalks hoping for a few coins thrown their way. It is often overwhelming to have so many congregated together as I can’t help them all; but if I can single one out, I try to help. I had no money on me at the time, and had to pass on by, feeling rather helpless as I...

26 Feb

It Gets a Little Messy Being the “Good Samaritan.”

Haven’t you always just loved the Good Samaritan? Each and every time I have heard this story as told by Jesus in Luke 10, my heart is full of joy for the deeds of the Samaritan; but I must admit a great deal of disdain for the Priest and the Levite. I find it easy to feel contempt for them as they walked past this poor man in need simply turning away. I suppose, that you, like I have, have...

21 Feb

Because of You!

• I admit, I seem to have a magnetism for street boys. Something about those little bare feet caked with dried dirt, their soiled clothes, affinity for picking trash, and their forlorn looks calls to my heart. • Most of my encounters with these little guys leads only to only a few moments shared of kind words and simple gifts, of something to eat, and maybe sandals to wear; but once in a while a relationship is born. • I met him...

04 Feb

Monthly update.

Thank you so very much for being a part of Love Alive International. Whether through prayer support, emotional encouragement, or financial contribution, you are an integral part of sharing Christ’s love. I arrived here in Rwanda on January 18 and spent the first week in Cyangugu, Rwanda, a southern region on the borders of the Congo and Burundi. This area is largely cut off from the rest of Rwanda and far from the capital. I have since come near the capital...