Rwanda missions

26 Feb

It Gets a Little Messy Being the “Good Samaritan.”

Haven’t you always just loved the Good Samaritan? Each and every time I have heard this story as told by Jesus in Luke 10, my heart is full of joy for the deeds of the Samaritan; but I must admit a great deal of disdain for the Priest and the Levite. I find it easy to feel contempt for them as they walked past this poor man in need simply turning away. I suppose, that you, like I have, have...

21 Feb

Because of You!

• I admit, I seem to have a magnetism for street boys. Something about those little bare feet caked with dried dirt, their soiled clothes, affinity for picking trash, and their forlorn looks calls to my heart. • Most of my encounters with these little guys leads only to only a few moments shared of kind words and simple gifts, of something to eat, and maybe sandals to wear; but once in a while a relationship is born. • I met him...

04 Feb

Monthly update.

Thank you so very much for being a part of Love Alive International. Whether through prayer support, emotional encouragement, or financial contribution, you are an integral part of sharing Christ’s love. I arrived here in Rwanda on January 18 and spent the first week in Cyangugu, Rwanda, a southern region on the borders of the Congo and Burundi. This area is largely cut off from the rest of Rwanda and far from the capital. I have since come near the capital...