Monthly update.
Thank you so very much for being a part of Love Alive International. Whether through prayer support, emotional encouragement, or financial contribution, you are an integral part of sharing Christ’s love.
I arrived here in Rwanda on January 18 and spent the first week in Cyangugu, Rwanda, a southern region on the borders of the Congo and Burundi. This area is largely cut off from the rest of Rwanda and far from the capital. I have since come near the capital where I have been teaching in a private school of 700 students each morning. I teach elective subjects to both primary and secondary students such as music, computer, art and “Religious Education,” which means I get to teach the Bible to students I’m told are largely from Muslim and Catholic backgrounds.
I spend my afternoons studying the Kinyarwandan language. As English has only been the official language for the past few years, very few people actually speak English, though the country would boast that all speak English. In order to better communicate and hopefully one day not need a translator, I’m devoting some of my energies these first few months to trying to get a basic grasp of the language.
I’ve had many great opportunities already to collaborate with local pastors, educators and organizations to learn their perspectives on needs and how best to implement evangelistic and humanitarian ideals.
I plan to stay in this region for the next month to two months, volunteering with this school, learning from area ministries and seeking God’s guidance for a specific focus. By late March or April, I plan to return to the more remote Cyangugu region where I hope to plant myself.
One of my prayers is for a specific focus area of ministry. As you well know, in a place like Africa, the needs are everywhere. My dilemma is I care about all of the needs, yet I am one me; therefore, I feel impressed to choose one main focal area such as evangelism, street children’s ministries, serving in a medical clinic, education etc. in this way, I may be able to make an impact in a specific group rather than spreading myself thin in too many areas. I’d greatly appreciate your prayers as I listen for God’s guidance.
Thank you again for your prayers and support. For more frequent updates, I write blog updates occasionally on and update photos on FB several times per week under Love Alive International.
God Bless!