17 Oct

The Flip Side of Sacrifice

Often when people think of missions they seem to equate the idea of sacrifice right along with it. While this can be true, I’ have personally always focused on the opportunity, adventure and potential in the mission God has given me.  I really cannot recall the great number of times others have lamented to me their pity for the things I live without. These things usually include ESPN, electrical appliances, fast food, hot water, and so the list goes. I thought...

07 Aug

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

I’m frequently asked about numbers. “How many people attended? How many people accepted Jesus? What is the total number of salvations you’ve seen?” There’s really nothing wrong with numbers. I think it is part of our American culture to measure success in numbers. We like tangible things. We get satisfaction in facts of what is being accomplished. In the business world, performance is measured in numbers. The trend of finding security in numbers of attendance, conversions, memberships, baptisms and so...