I’m sick.  In the depths of my being I ache, and I’m angry at how Satan is fooling the masses.

I’ve been asking God to increase my zeal to see souls brought to Him, that I would not be so focused on the temporal physical needs that I would lose the greater vision that each has an eternal soul that needs the Salvation of Jesus Christ and the fullness of a life lived for Him. Furthermore, I have begun praying for God to give me discernment to understand when someone is being used of Him and when they are simply empty of His spirit and used by Satan to distract from His truth.

Oh, my friend, in answer to my prayer, God has allowed me to become nauseatingly ill out of complete repulsion for some of Satan’s greatest tricks.

You see, when we see Evil in its most despicable expressions, we are easily repulsed at such heathenism. I think the devil would far rather come in beautiful disguise, in false mirroring of what is good and pure (II Cor 11:14).

Here, we don’t really have witchcraft practiced. It is certainly not practiced openly, and for the most part is looked on with disdain.  (This varies in surrounding countries as witchcraft is very prevalent still in many areas.) Most Rwandan citizens would proclaim to you that they are Christians. There are strong beliefs in God, and all-day prayer meetings are held weekly at most churches. Fasting is widely and frequently practiced. Church attendance is regular. Nearly all businesses are closed on Sundays.  At first glance it seems evangelical missions is hardly needed, rather we could learn much for them and their dedication to God. They have the Good News it seems. Everyone claims Christianity (Matt 23:27).

These claims of Christianity and religious displays can easily be misinterpreted not only by you and me, but by the very ones practicing them.

You see, I believe that being a “Christian” means more than being a good person and doing all of the above. I believe a “Christian” is bought by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, has accepted Him alone for salvation, desires to serve Him and grow in Him and deepen his relationship with Jesus Christ his Savior. I believe that being a Christian has to change me from the inside out. It isn’t about the outward displays of religion, but about my relationship as a child of God, that causes me to yearn to follow Him and walk in His ways. (I Cor 6:20).

Now allow me to explain what is making me downright disgusted. Satan isn’t displaying himself here in brazen heathenism. He has sneaked into the church, and has bewitched the multitudes (Gal 3:1). Repeatedly, I am seeing here in so very many churches, that pastors are completely misleading congregations. Whether they themselves are true believers in Christ or simply puppets used of Satan to promote a false gospel, I cannot say. I can tell you what I have observed and why it eats at me in the core of my being.

In so many pulpits across Rwanda, authentic Bible teaching has been replaced by opinion preaching, false prophesies, and hype that has nothing to do with sound Biblical teaching, the blood of Jesus, salvation, the Great Commission or furthering the cause of Christ (Matt 7:15).

Just to clarify what I’m talking about, let me give you a few examples:

The pastor of a prominent church here in the capital city proclaiming God has told him the continent of Africa will one day be one nation, live in prosperity, other nations will depend on Africa for wealth, “the United States of Africa’s first president will reign 4 years. He will be a believer.  One day all cell phones will be free.”

Yet he has not one Bible verse to back any of this up. But no one questions, because he is “God’s anointed.”

Some of what is preached here is prosperity gospel, such as “God is going to give you a new car. Your income is going to triple this year. Singles this is your year. God is going to bring someone into your life who will meet your every need within 6 months. The days of wondering where your next meal is coming from are over.” The teaching continues that if they have enough faith, all of these things will come to pass.

I sat in one service where a woman in the final stages of AIDS was made to stand and the preacher declared by the time we all came to church the next week, she would be healed and living in health for many years. It didn’t happen.  For reasons, I absolutely cannot understand, except that Satan has completed blinded their eyes from seeing truth, the people do not question. They don’t come to church the next week, and say, “But he said, God would heal her, and God didn’t.” I would have lost my faith long ago, if these things were preached to me and this is what I believed.  I would believe someone was a false prophet to prophesy to me healing, or that I would finally bare a child, or that I would drive a new car and none of it every happened.  Yet this happens week after week in so many churches. And the people continue to go.

Lastly, some of what is preached in churches is just nonsense.  Things that have no scriptural basis, have no connection with any spiritual qualities, and are simply what the speaker felt like proclaiming. Yet the congregation screams “Amen” and “Hallelujah” and such.  The preacher will repeat the same jargon many times, the congregation will shout louder, some will stand and scream. And it is so empty.

At times I have tried to kindly question the matter, “What do you think about what he is saying?” “Do you believe everything he is saying?”  They look at me in disbelief and do not answer (I John 41-5)

And this is what utterly vexes me: While all of this nonsensical rubbish fills listener’s ears each week, and congregations leave just as hollow and disillusioned as when they entered, guess what they are not hearing? While this false religious hype fills the pulpits, no one is teaching them that the blood of Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation. No one is teaching repentance from sin, and how the Bible tells us to walk in holiness, God’s instructions on how to live, how to be Christ-like, how to strengthen one’s relationship with Christ, to fulfill the great commission, to put on the full Armor of God, the need of  Fruit of the Spirit in our lives, or awareness of false teachings.

This matter has impressed upon my heart the greater need to get Bibles into the hands of the masses. You see, if one has no Bible of his own, he has no means to discern whether what he is being taught is Biblical; however; if he can read a Bible, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he can know the Truth (John 8:32).

My friend, pray with me, that the Holy Spirit will lead the hearts of men to truth (Luke 24:45). Pray that we will be enabled to spread Bibles throughout Rwanda. Pray that the Lord will open doors for me to be able to share Jesus.