11 Jul

July 2016 Update

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                July 6, 2016 Greetings from Rwanda. In this season, our weather is comparable to yours, sunny, dry, and hot! We do not expect any rain for at least another month, and have seen no rain in 2 months. Needless to say, it is a bit dry, but, laundry sure dries fast! There is also the advantage of never having to cancel or postpone programs due to heavy rains. In a land where few have cars, and most roads are dirt,...

11 Jul

And then Came JP

It was almost midnight as I made my way home. A young boy who had been staying with me for several weeks for medical reasons, had just left. The girls who stay with me had gone home for the weekend, and Baby Grace, whom we had been caring for for several months was on her way home too. I was looking forward to a weekend to myself. As the moto was dropping me off on the corner, for me to...

20 May

In the nursery –The Days I Don’t Talk About

“Leave it! Just let her die!” I jumped up off of the bench, Bella still cradled tightly in my arms. “No, no, you can’t say that!” I told the new mother who had spoken these words. Her little girl was born the day before weighing 800 grams (1 lb. 13 oz.), and she was still fighting for life. I had never once seen the mother come near her child. Upon the hospital’s suggestion that her daughter be transferred to another hospital for...

28 Apr

April, 2016 Update

Greetings from Rwanda. I trust this letter finds you blessed and enjoying the fullness of your relationship in Christ. In my last letter, I stated we had begun one weekly children’s Bible club and I was greatly desiring to begin another. One week later, we were able to obtain a location to rent, and began our new Bible club. Each club hosts well-over 100 children each week to hear the gospel. Their eagerness to learn, their excitement to share their Bible...

26 Apr

2015 Report of Expenditures

2015 pie chart of expenditures Each year, in transparency to our partners, contributors and friends, I publish an update of how the ministry of Love Alive has used it’s contributions in the previous year. This past year, specifically evangelistic endeavors accounted for 17% of the budget. These endeavors include, Bible trainings, giving Bibles, Bible clubs and Bible Schools for children.

25 Apr

Turning My Trials into Triumphs

Rwanda Missions Trip – 2016 Rwanda, Africa; called “the land of a thousand hills,” it is a little country on the East side of Africa. Rwanda is a country full of extreme poverty, a country that lost thousands of people in the Rwandan Genocide in the 1990’s. It is also a country of people that are full of God’s love and aren’t afraid to show it. The idea of going on a mission trip actually started 20 yrs. ago. Church friends of...

15 Jul

$$ Where Did My Money Go? $$

Have you ever wondered how your financial gift was spent? It’s fairly simple. If you send money for a designated purpose from Bibles to sustainable projects to sponsorship, that money is 100% devoted to that purpose. There is no cut or percentage taken out for “operating costs,” or general use.  However, if you send money undesignated, this goes to whatever projects and needs we are currently working on. Things such as Sunday school trainings and salaries of teachers in our...

19 Feb

Sick of his Tricks

I’m sick.  In the depths of my being I ache, and I’m angry at how Satan is fooling the masses. I’ve been asking God to increase my zeal to see souls brought to Him, that I would not be so focused on the temporal physical needs that I would lose the greater vision that each has an eternal soul that needs the Salvation of Jesus Christ and the fullness of a life lived for Him. Furthermore, I have begun praying for...

03 Dec

In What Kind of World?

In a recent letter home, I relayed a situation I was in where I simply had to walk away, but I commented, “If I were reading this story in a novel, I’d be so irritated that the character would walk away! Surely she should do something, fight, risk, lead a march, defy the odds and act. Come what may, just do something.” Yet here I was the character in the situation, and I was simply walking away. I met Jack just...