2015 pie chart of expenditures

Each year, in transparency to our partners, contributors and friends, I publish an update of how the ministry of Love Alive has used it’s contributions in the previous year.

This past year, specifically evangelistic endeavors accounted for 17% of the budget. These endeavors include, Bible trainings, giving Bibles, Bible clubs and Bible Schools for children.

Our Sponsorship of 300 nursery, primary and secondary students last year necessitated 25% of our spending.

The largest portion of our budget was used for our vocational training of 60 women in a year of learning to sew, and being equipped with skill and tools to begin their own work. Additionally, the 43% of budget allocated for Vocational training included 8 students we sponsored to area vocational training centers to learn other skills.

Six percent of our funding was spent in vocational projects to assist poor families in raising animals and beginning small savings programs.

An additional 6% was spent on our Hospital project including caring for abandoned infants, but also providing care to those who would otherwise be forced to be left without medical assistance.

International bank fees and money transfer fees account for 2% of our expenditures.

As much as I would like every penny to be given directly to the needs of the people, both in the USA and internationally, there are small fees for annual legal updates and registration. One of the requirements in Rwanda is that we must have an office to operate legally. We were able to secure an office for the past year for only $26 per month! For these reasons 1% of the budget is used for fees which we must pay to continue our ministry.

The above shows that of our expenditures, 97% of all contributions are going directly to the needs of the people. Thus, 97 cents of every dollar given is given directly to the use for which you sent it.

I consider it a great responsibility to use every penny given as wisely as possible. I consider all gifts given as God’s money, that we at Love Alive are simply asked to be stewards over and trusted to use to carry out ministry and bless lives for the glory of God.

Many thanks to each and every person who gives to and prays for this ministry. God bless you!