sustainable projects

19 Jan

Can a Sewing Machine be the Means by which a Woman can Leave Prostitution to Pursue a Better Life?

An Open Letter to the Ladies of Crosspoint church in Georgia Dear Ladies of Crosspoint, Thank you again so much for your gift of purchasing a sewing machine to provide a Rwandan lady the ability to earn a living for her family. I’m especially thrilled to tell you how your sewing machine is being used to impact a life. When I first came to Rwanda, I met an adolescent boy in a local shop where I would often stop for a drink or snack....

06 Sep

Trainings, Dinners, MP3s and Goats

What do Conferences, Trainings, Dinners, Goats and MP3 players all have in common? Each can be used to show compassion and share Jesus. As I sit inside my home, I hear my neighbor girls listening to Bible stories via Solar-powered MP3 Players, pre-loaded with hours and hours of the Bible in their language. I had brought several of these devices with me and had lent them one a few months ago. They continue to listen day after day, repeating the same...