Can a Sewing Machine be the means by which a woman can leave prostitution to pursue a better life?

An Open Letter to the Ladies of Crosspoint church in Georgia
Dear Ladies of Crosspoint,
Thank you again so much for your gift of purchasing a sewing machine to provide a Rwandan lady the ability to earn a living for her family.
I’m especially thrilled to tell you how your sewing machine is being used to impact a life.
When I first came to Rwanda, I met an adolescent boy in a local shop where I would often stop for a drink or snack. He was always kind and courteous, and working anytime the store was open. Eventually, I came to know him, and he is currently one of our vocational students working hard to be able to become a mechanic and driver to afford a better living.
Shortly before I left for the USA this fall, he confided in me that his mother had again been picked up again by the police in her job selling herself in the streets. Unfortunately, here, women often turn to this lifestyle for survival. They have children to feed, no husband or family to help support, no means of getting a job or earning an upright living, and poor choices turn to a life that continues to spiral.
When I returned to Rwanda, I sat down with this student and his mom to see what other vocational options might be possibilities and to see whether Love Alive could help. I asked did she have any skills. Well, as a matter of fact, years ago she used to sew, but long ago either had to sell the machine to pay an urgent fee, or lost the job where she had use of a machine. Now purchasing a machine was out of her capabilities, so her skill was of no use. I talked with her at length about my desire to help her be able to get a respectable, moral, safe (Aids is widespread here) job, and whether she would be willing to commit to using sewing to make a living and give up her “night job.” She was thrilled.
She informed me she is a Christian, she’s willing to work hard and willing to use this machine to have a better life not only with daily provision, but ending the immoral ways she had been using for survival. We have also bought her extra sewing materials of various threads, cloth, needles, pins, bobbins, scissors, machine oil, and her first month’s rent at the cooperative where women gather together in the center and people bring to them what they need to have sewn.
Please pray for her, that she will be able to sew well and have enough business that she will be able to earn enough money each month for rent and food for her family. Also pray that God will bless her efforts to work hard in an honorable fashion, and furthermore, that she will resist the devil’s temptations to return to a former lifestyle. (When work gets slow, and food is lacking, it is reasonably tempting for a woman to think that just one night will help her financial situation. The change in lifestyle in some ways is similar to ceasing an addiction.)
Ladies of Crosspoint, I thank you personally for your generosity, and your desire to help a woman you have never met. She has repeatedly told me how happy she is and how blessed she feels. As I was leaving her home, the day I gave her your sewing machine, her older son told me, I think this was the best day of my life.
Thank you for making a difference in a life and in a family.
God bless you.