31 Dec

It’s Sponsorship Time!

It’s  Sponsorship Time! As we begin a New Year, Children in Rwanda begin a new school year. The school year 2020 begins in just days on January 6! We have registered all students to our capacity at this time, with 100 more on a waiting list. If you sponsor a student through Love Alive’s sponsorship program, the time to renew your sponsorship is now! If you have not sponsored before, but would like to begin sponsoring a child, this is a fabulous time to begin...

09 Oct

Children’s Learning Center

This September, we opened up a Children’s Learning Center for our primary grade students. As children here study either mornings or afternoons, the center is open for children to come before or after their studies. We offer homework help, tutoring, activity-based learning, play, and porridge each day. As most of our students have parents who were unable to receive a good education themselves, students often have no one to help with homework or concepts with which they struggle. As the teachers...

02 May

It’s a New Year.

Twenty-nineteen is already bountiful with God’s enabling us to see fruit in various ministries here. As a new school year began in January, we once again registered more than 400 students in our sponsorship program. This year, we have Bible clubs for our sponsored students in each school where we sponsor. Through our ACTS ministry of assisting churches here, we have begun funding the renovations for 3 churches we hope to see open in the next month. On February 1st, 16 ladies graduated...

02 May


Thank you for sponsoring children through Love Alive International. The 2019 school year is our 7th year of sponsorship, and we have over 400 students enrolled in our program this year. Your sponsorship provides each student with necessary school fees, uniform, and school supplies—all the tools they need for a great school year. We are also excited to be holding weekly Sponsorship Bible clubs in each school this year. We began our first in-school Bible Club the first week of February, and I...

20 Nov

Sponsorship Notice!

Attention all Sponsors! For the past 5 years, we have been blessed to sponsor children in Rwanda to go to school for an entire year for the low rate of only $35 per student.  This has included their school uniforms (shorts or skirt, shirt and sweater), their basic school supplies, school fees, and in the cases of 6th grade through high school, their lunch fees as well. At this time it is important to raise the cost by $10 per year to be...

18 Oct

Sponsorship FAQ

For many who now have a sponsored child, you may have questions specific to your child and his/her information. I have tried to list some questions I presume may be frequently asked and provide answers for you. Why does my child not have a birthday listed? While dates, including birthdates, are extremely important here in America, most Africans give little attention to time including details such as dates. Birthdays are also not celebrated or recognized in any...