street kids

11 Jul

And then Came JP

It was almost midnight as I made my way home. A young boy who had been staying with me for several weeks for medical reasons, had just left. The girls who stay with me had gone home for the weekend, and Baby Grace, whom we had been caring for for several months was on her way home too. I was looking forward to a weekend to myself. As the moto was dropping me off on the corner, for me to...

21 Jan

Sometimes while we’re praying that God will send someone, we realize that maybe He wants us to get up and go.

I was sitting on the street corner waiting for a friend when I saw them. One ragged little boy dug through a trash bin, found some bread and eagerly shared it with the other boys. I watched with pity, wishing there was something I could do. These little guys who live in the streets have a special place in my heart, but my ability to work with them or help them has been greatly limited by government...

03 Dec

In What Kind of World?

In a recent letter home, I relayed a situation I was in where I simply had to walk away, but I commented, “If I were reading this story in a novel, I’d be so irritated that the character would walk away! Surely she should do something, fight, risk, lead a march, defy the odds and act. Come what may, just do something.” Yet here I was the character in the situation, and I was simply walking away. I met Jack just...