africa aid

25 Jan

A Glimpse into a School in Africa.

I hiked up a steep red dirt hill, cut off from the main road. This is the same half-mile hill that over 600 elementary students trek each day as they walk over 2 miles to get to school. There are only 6 teachers for all 600 students. Each teacher instructs a class of 50 students in one classroom from 7 am until noon. When those students are released at midday the next group of 300 students arrives,...

25 Jan

Please Tell Our Friends in America We Need Books To Learn

Please Send Books Who would  have ever thought that I would teach a construction class?!?!!? Yet here I was in Rural Rwanda telling a class full of eager young men what building materials in America are like. They wanted to know how building was different in America. Mind you they have not a single book for 300 students, nor a computer nor TV, so their ideas about the Western world are very limited. No, actually we didn’t build out...