Dear Friends of Love Alive,                                                                                     10-02-2018

Happy Autumn! Though there is no changing of color in the leaves here, I’ll still enjoy our green hills, lush with plantain trees, cassava, tea and coffee plants. Once again as I begin a letter to update you, I find it difficult to squeeze into one letter all of the wonderful things God continues to do here.

ACTS–This past Sunday, as my family and I visited one of our ACTS churches, Agape, I was thrilled to recognize a new face in the church choir. Excited, I shared with Pastor Patrick that Esther had been a student in our sewing center 3years ago, and her daughters, who accompanied her, are elementary students in our sponsorship program.  Pastor Patrick then shared that he had the privilege to baptize this mother upon her faith in Christ.  Seeing their faces in this church and hearing about her faith in Christ exemplified to me how God is working in and through Love Alive. While this lady has been impacted by her own vocational training and her children’s education, seeds of the Gospel were planted, though we did not see the fruit initially. Now, a church that we are partnering with has been used of God to help this family grow in their faith in Christ.

As you think of the churches here, please continue to pray.  I am very pleased with the churches we work with, such as this one I mention. While they cannot meet in their own buildings for now, they are sharing a church with 3 other congregations, all meeting at different times, in order to keep their congregations together. Please pray as we have 2 churches we are partnered with who are ready to build as soon as their building permits are granted.  In both cases, the paperwork is waiting on its final approval at the highest level.  We do not doubt the approval, but it is a work of patience as we wait.QCNC5129

Scarlet Cord—This week as we visited the home of a Scarlet Cord graduate upon hearing of the tragic death of her husband, I thanked our teacher Console for truly loving these students, and not only while they are in her class, but long after they have completed our program.  She replied that this is what she loves about working with Love Alive. “We don’t just teach a skill to help them physically, and we don’t just say, ‘God loves you; be saved.’  We offer them that love and demonstrate it through the works God has given us to do. Then as we teach God’s word and teach His love and salvation along with those actions,  that is when everything comes together for these ladies. That is when we see God really work in their lives.”_SAM6573

I am extremely grateful for the Rwandan staff God has blessed us with as we minister together.  Many of you requested the prayer sheets of the students in our center this year. Thank you very much for praying for these ladies. Continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will work in through our center and in their lives for His glory.

God bless you all for your prayers and kindness to this ministry. You are a very important part of all God is doing here.


With Immense Gratitude,

Laura Y.