Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the mission work I am setting out to do in Rwanda, Africa. As many of you know, I have established a non-profit organization: Love Alive International Inc., and will be leaving for Africa January 16, 2013. I am thrilled with the opportunity that lies before me.

Since my two trips and more than 2 months in Africa in 2011, I have been praying about and preparing to return on a more permanent basis.  I plan to work closely with local pastors, churches and schools in Rwanda to partner with them in reaching out to local villages.  I hope to work through the churches and schools to establish Sunday school programs, Bible clubs and women’s ministries and be able to work in local orphanages and hold Gospel outreaches.

For the time being, I am able to use my savings and go to Rwanda as a self-supported missionary. I feel immensely blessed to have this opportunity and am excited to see what God has in store.  Love Alive came out of a desire to set up a fund whereby people who desired to do so could donate funds to specific needs in Africa, and those funds could be dedicated 100% to those needs. Love Alive is simply the channel for charitable contributions to reach specific individuals internationally, with no money being used for salaries, utilities or building funds. The money for Love Alive does not go to me nor any other board member, but to the specific cause for which it was given.

The Love Alive website features various manners of giving including shoes and school uniforms, goats, chickens, evangelistic materials and sewing machines. Giving a woman a sewing machine gives her a job that enables her to work to feed and clothe her own family. Goats and Chickens are sustainable gifts that not only meet a need today, but continue to multiply. Rwanda has free public schools, but requires that children have shoes and a uniform to attend. A $20 pair of shoes or $30 school uniform is something that most Rwandans can simply not afford. Thus, giving a child a pair of shoes and/or school uniform affords him the opportunity to receive an education.

Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to share my heart’s desire to spread God’s love in Rwanda and throughout Africa.

For His Glory!

Laura Yockey   or find us on Twitter and Facebook!