Love Alive International would fail to adequately convey the love of Christ if we failed to share the ultimate message of Christ’s love in his plan of Salvation for mankind. In fact, were it not for the ultimate Gospel message, Love Alive International would not exist.

While humanitarian efforts are a major channel for demonstrating Christ’s love, the Salvation message is the primary gift of love from God to man. Any gift, however great or small, given through Love Alive, will be carried with the message of God’s love for mankind and His desire for a personal relationship with each individual.

Our Mission

LOVE ALIVE INTERNATIONAL seeks to put the love of Christ into Action reaching across the globe through evangelism, education and humanitarian aid.

Mission Statement:

Love Alive International seeks to provide an avenue for you to reach out to those across the ocean and yet designate just how your donation will be used and to see the impact of your personal gift. You can designate your gift for any amount to any need you are impacted by and be informed as to exactly how that gift was used and who benefited from that. Most of all, each person assisted with any funding through Love Alive International will be impressed with the message that someone cared enough to reach out and show the Love of Christ, a love that compels us to action, a love that is alive.


The greatest command of all is to love God ( Matthew 22:36-40). We reveal our love for God by loving our brothers and neighbors locally and around the globe.
Throughout the gospels, Jesus not only proclaimed the message of eternal life, but demonstrated his love through healing the sick, feeding the hungry and reaching out to the poor and needy. Jesus plainly told his followers that we demonstrate our love for God in how we love those around us
(Matthew 25:40). Love gives, goes, prays, watches, helps, lends a hand, finds a way, sacrifices, puts others before self. Love is action. Love is Alive. Love is Christ working in and through us to change the world.


Love Alive International believes that the Gospel is about Love coming Alive in our hearts and lives. Beginning with God’s unfathomable love for us in Sending us His only Son (John 3:16) Who then loved us enough to provide a way for our redemption, salvation and eternal life (John 14:6), Christianity is about carrying the message of God’s love for man and demonstrating that love toward mankind (I John 4:21)

ACTS: Assisting Churches Through Stewardship


You’ve heard of sponsoring a child, but have you ever considered sponsoring a church?
Love Alive in Rwanda is rolling out a new ministry opportunity. Through befriending a local church here in Rwanda, you will have the opportunity to partner in the ministry of the gospel in a rural African village, while still able to remain in your home and work in your home country.
Assisting Churches Through Stewardship:
Throughout the book of Acts, we see that the New Testament church was one of harmony, unity, generosity, and prayer. We see an evident spirit of giving to the kingdom of God, and esteeming His church and His people above themselves.
Many of Paul’s letters further address the need of supporting pastors, evangelist and missionaries (I Cor 9:4-11). Paul expressed here, If we have sown a spiritual seed, is it not ok to reap a material harvest? We know that the church of Philippi supported Paul’s missionary endeavors in Macedonia (Phil 4:15).In Galatians, Paul instructs to provide for those who share the Gospel.
Here in Rwanda, we are privileged to befriend and partner with many local churches. Often, the churches we are working alongside, are new church plants, very poor village churches, and churches whose members have very little or nothing to give in the way of finances. In many village churches, I have had the opportunity to witness the offering time in which, those in the church bring the “first fruits of their labors,” a few avocados, some corn or beans, a bunch of bananas. That is what they are able to bring. Now the pastor must try to resell these items in order to obtain some small coins for the church.
The standard here is to allow pastors to accept 20% of the offering to meet the needs of themselves and their families, and the rest to be designated for the church. This may come to no more than a dollar per week.
As we continue to work alongside these churches, the needs of the churches in purchasing land, building, purchasing benches to sit on, or providing a small stipend for the pastor are very evident.
Love Alive has selected 5 church plants that we would like to begin with in the ministry of ACTS Assisting Churches Through Stewardship. Each of these churches is known to be actively growing and seeing souls saved and spiritual growth in the members. The pastors are known to be godly leaders, actively serving the Lord, and having a vision to expand the work He has given them for the Kingdom.
We have requested each of these pastors to provide written information concerning themselves, their church history, and their vision for their church, and to provide photos.
My desire is that individuals or churches would choose to connect with these Rwandan church plants in stewarding them and praying for them. This will not only encourage the local pastors to know that they have a friend in another country praying for them and interceding for them, but also provide an avenue of growth and expansion that they may see more souls brought to Christ.
How much would it cost?
There is no one set amount. We are simply looking for fellow churches or individuals who wish to befriend one of the 5 churches, correspond with them, hear about their vision, and their heart, and to stand with them. While $100 a month could help tremendously, $50 and even $25 can help these churches with minor costs such as electricity, or paying for a watchman for the property.
God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10
The ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints, but is also overflowing in many acts of thanksgiving to God.
They will glorify God for your obedience to the confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with others through the proof provided by this service. I Corinthians 9:12-13

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Agape Church Word of Life Ministries Church of the Living Kayenzi Church Gatare Living Church

The Scarlet Cord: A ministry for Women

Let me introduce you to the Scarlet Cord!

Love Alive has established our vocational training center for women this year in Kagugu, Rwanda. This area is particularly known for women in the sex trade. The objective of our center this year is to provide a place for counseling, Bible teaching, healing, friendship and community support for these women. Not only will they be learning to sew, in order to have a fair trade by which to improve the lives of them and their children, but they will be learning to work through the traumas and difficulties of their pasts which have led them into prostitution as a way of survival.

She tied the Scarlet Cord to the window.” Joshua 2:22

The name The Scarlet Cord, of course, comes from the Bible story of Rahab. Rahab did not know the one true God, She also was a sex trade worker. Yet her scarlet cord was a symbol of her faith. She had seen the power of God, and was keen enough to fear Him and put her faith in His power to save her and her family. This cord represents that faith.

Like Rahab, many of the women joining our center, do not know God; they have not seen His power in their lives; they have not encountered the salvation He so freely offers. Yet, in their willingness to come to our center, they too hang their scarlet cord in the window, with the smallest bit of faith and hope.

No doubt these women have faced unbelievable hardship in their lives, and have reached a place of moral destitution and shame in society. At Love Alive, we are honored to be able to wrap arms of love around these women, and show them the hope found in Jesus. I dream of them finding forgiveness, restoration, and their true beauty in Jesus Christ, and watching them walk in dignity as daughters of the King.

I beg you to join us in prayer for each of these women. Most of them have not even an elementary education. A dozen can neither read nor write. The majority have no living parents. None have husbands. Almost all have children for whom they want to provide a better situation in life.

We are blessed to have a skilled seamstress as our teacher who loves each student as her own child, and pours guidance and counsel into them daily. She begins each day in a time of prayer and Bible reading. I will be heavily involved in Bible teaching, individual and group therapy, and assisting these women in their individual needs physically and materially as they see change in their lives.

The Scarlet Cord is woven in threads of hope and faith that each of these women can see their lives drastically changed through Christ. We need the Holy Spirit’s involvement and your intercession on their behalves. If you wish to assist one of these women or this center financially, you may do so below.


The Golden Rule:

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31

It’s the Golden rule, right? We’ve heard it since we were children, seen it written on plaques, and recited it to others. These are the words of Jesus to us, his followers about how we are to treat each other.

Often it is easy to dismiss the needs of those whom we have never met face to face.  It’s understandable. We may not feel a personal relationship with them. We are sabotaged daily with media input. Sometimes its overwhelming. We see needs all around us, and yet we can feel so distanced from it. Images on our screens do not seem to connect with real humanity in the same way they would if we were learning of stories of people in our own neighborhood, or our own community. It is hard to imagine that someone could see his neighbor diligently working, but unable to provide food, clothing or basic necessities for his children and yet go on his way dismissing his neighbor’s plight.  Yet the plight of families around the world is just as desperate, and we can do something about it. We can act. We can share the blessings God has imparted to us and we can show the love of Christ to our neighbors, even those neighbors across the globe. Mark 12:30-31
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”



“The Land of a Thousand Hills,” Rwanda is a beautiful country of lush green hillsides dotted with mud homes and small farms.  Small enough to fit into the state of Tennessee four times, Rwanda is the second smallest African nation. While a very small country, she is densely populated with nearly 12 million citizens. Fifty percent of Rwandans are under the age of 18.


While often recognized as a country marked by a horrendous genocide in 1994, Rwanda is so much more than this. While she may be scarred by this atrocious historical violence, Rwanda will not be defined by this. Rwanda is a testament to the beauty of forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration.


The Rwandan genocide seized the lives of nearly 1 million souls in only 100 days as the world watched silently.  In the past two decades, under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, the counsel of various bishops such as John Rucyahana, The Bishop of Rwanda, and truly the hand of God guiding these precious people, Rwanda is growing and advancing. No longer are Rwandans segregated into tribal groups, but joined in unison as one people. Reconciliation has shown its transforming powers to the extent that former perpetrators and victims are now able to reside peaceably as neighbors, coworkers, and fellow churchgoers. Truly this type of forgiveness is the work of Almighty God. Rwanda has much to teach the world about the beauty of forgiveness and restoration.

While one of the cleanest African nations, prizing education, and working to advance economically, 30% of Rwandans are unable to read or write. As of 2011, the government had set a goal of increasing accessibility of electricity from 7% to 16% of its inhabitants being able to have electricity. More than 80% of Rwandans still have no electricity. Nearly 50% of Rwandans still lack access to clean water or proper sanitation. Disease easily spreads through contaminated water sources. While public education is available, many families are unable to provide the required uniform or shoes for their children in order for them to be afforded the opportunity of an education. Without an education, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Rwandans to become employed or be able to support themselves. While most Rwandans are hard workers, walking miles to obtain water, cooking all foods from scratch, and living from the food in their own gardens, as one can imagine, this becomes difficult. Due to the densely populated area, and large family sizes, a small plot of land often does not produce enough food to feed the family or to sell in order to be able to meet other needs of a family. Nearly 80% of Rwandans live on less than $1.25 per day.

Despite the struggles faced by the people of this beautiful country, I am amazed, overwhelmed and inspired by their inextinguishable joy. While I love Africa in general, I have truly fallen in love with Rwanda. The people are open, optimistic, hard working, loving, hopeful and welcoming. I fully believe that they exemplify beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:3). While the turmoil of genocide could have destroyed this tiny country beginning the end of her complete destruction, contrarily, the opposite has occurred. She is unified, she is being restored, and her people proclaim a beautiful testimony.

Children’s Learning Center

This September, we opened up a Children’s Learning Center for our primary grade students. As children here study either mornings or afternoons, the center is open for children to come before or after their studies. We offer homework help, tutoring, activity-based learning, play, and porridge each day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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As most of our students have parents who were unable to receive a good education themselves, students often have no one to help with homework or concepts with which they struggle. As the teachers typically have an average of 50 students in a class, and students only study four hours per day, children needing help can miss the opportunity to gain the support they need. Additionally, we have seen that absence is often due to hunger. Our center seeks to assist children with all of these issues.

We have 6 staff working with the children daily. These teachers and assistants are excited about the program and showing great dedication to helping our students.

I’m excited about this program and thankful for your part in seeing this ministry opened and blessing our students.  Thank you!

An Update on Churches in Rwanda

Hello. I trust this letter finds you doing well. I am most certainly grateful to you and for the way God has used you in prayer and support of ministry here in Rwanda.60042019_507195503149801_5508346044460564480_n

Just over one year ago, I wrote to inform you of the drastic changes that had taken place here, with the government closing well over 6,000 churches. Some of you compassionately responded to assist the churches here. Last year we were able to see two churches we work with opened after minor upgrades. Then came the patience and perseverance of trusting and waiting.


In February, God blessed us with a partnership with a set of 3 churches in a sparse mountain region. Pastor Uzziel originally had 10 churches. We visited these churches in 2017 and held a Sunday school training. We returned in early 2018 for an area-wide children’s outreach. Then came the closures, and all 10 churches were closed. With God’s blessing, a few of the churches were slowly opened. Between February and April of this year, God enabled us to open 3 more of these churches.60060841_1370652849753184_4249440440798937088_n

One of these churches had only been opened for one year when the closures came, but already had over 100 members. Another church had been opened for years, and was where many of the congregants had come to know Christ, where they had married, and dedicated their children. By the grace of God, all three churches have now reopened and these congregants are once again worshiping in their churches.


Last year, our dear partner Patrick, whose congregation was meeting under a canopy, was  among the churches closed. Patrick has remained an example of steadfast perseverance, patience and long-suffering as he continued to faithfully shepherd his congregation. In the immediate aftermath of the closures, he would notify his congregation of a local church where they would all meet. He later secured 3 different locations to hold services as one-by-one, each location would fall through.  His congregation has been walking several miles each week to meet together.

A church in the States graciously provided the funding for Patrick’s church to be built. As they began seeking the building permit, he was first advised that they must purchase additional land. God again graciously provided as another group of Christians provided the funds for the land. Then there were land negotiations, surveys, more surveys, and finally the notice that it was no longer permitted to build in this area due to rezoning! I’m highlighting only a few of the challenges he faced in the 14 months of waiting. On the Thursday before Easter, God miraculously and graciously provided the building permit. The construction is well underway as you can see.

Thank you to each of you who has taken part in the reopening of these churches. For those interested in assisting churches here, we continue with a list of churches we would like to help.

Building a church from the ground up costs $15,000-$20,000.

Upgrading a church so that it can open is generally $2,000. This generally includes cement floors, paint, water tanks, and metal windows and doors.

To assist a church through our ACTS ministry, click here: ACTS

God bless you all for being an important part of all God is doing here.

With Immense Gratitude,

Laura Yockey

Love Alive International

Agape Church Construction Under Way!


I thank you for your prayers on behalf of the churches here, specifically those with whom we continue to work.

We are rejoicing that God allowed us to see the third church needing renovation reopened. We also praise God that after 14 months of perseverance, patience, and prayer, the building permit for a fourth church, Agape with Pastor Patrick was granted. The construction of that church is well-under way.   This is nothing less than miraculous.


Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this ministry. God bless you!



Each year, on April 7th, the Country of Rwanda takes time to stop and reflect on the atrocities that sought to destroy this country over a hundred-day period in 1994. This year marks 25 years of growing peace, restoration and advancement for this country that continues to heal post genocide. Memorials, walks, vigils and various methods of reflection will continue throughout the next 100 days. We thank God for the peace and security that is present today.

As we ended the month of March, our Scarlet Cord held a graduation of 28 women successfully completing the program. The majority of these women came from lives of prostitution, were taught of the redemption in Christ Jesus, and learned new skills to enable them to leave their former manner of obtaining money. We saw more than half of these women come to know Christ, some baptized, and most leave prostitution, work through addictions, and form relationships with Jesus. We continue to pray for them as they launch into their sewing that they will continue to follow the path of Christ.


Please continue to pray for the churches desiring to reopen here. While we rejoice in two churches we were able to help restore and see re-opened in March, we continue to face various obstacles regarding the building and restoration of other churches. Our weekly Bible Clubs with our sponsored children continue very well with at least 300 attending weekly.


We praise God for all He continues to do, and allow us to be a part of. We further thank Him that you have chosen to join us in this work. God bless you!

Churches are Beginning to Open!

Because of the continued giving of friends like you, this past month we were able to see one church re-opened, and 2 set to open within the next month.


We began a vocational short-course of 3 months to assist women who had previously studied with Love Alive, but we found were not working. The purpose of this short course is to help them improve skills where they lack confidence, and be able to begin working as intended. Our ongoing Scarlet Cord students will graduate at the end of this month. Just last week, many of the women began sharing testimonies of what God is doing in their lives.

Our Bible clubs for students are going very well. We praise God.


Thank you again for partnering with us in ministry!

It’s a New Year.

Twenty-nineteen is already bountiful with God’s enabling us to see fruit in various ministries here.

As a new school year began in January, we once again registered more than 400 students in our sponsorship program. This year, we have Bible clubs for our sponsored students in each school where we sponsor.

Through our ACTS ministry of assisting churches here, we have begun funding the renovations for 3 churches we hope to see open in the next month.

On February 1st, 16 ladies graduated from our Scarlet Cord Hairdressing center, following a 7 month program. We have seen God working in their hearts these months, and are happy to see their achievements and spiritual growth. Our sewing students will complete their studies at the end of March.

I share all of this with you, to show you what God is allowing us to be a part of with you partnership! May God bless you abundantly.




Thank you for sponsoring children through Love Alive International.

The 2019 school year is our 7th year of sponsorship, and we have over 400 students enrolled in our program this year.

Your sponsorship provides each student with necessary school fees, uniform, and school supplies—all the tools they need for a great school year.

We are also excited to be holding weekly Sponsorship Bible clubs in each school this year. We began our first in-school Bible Club the first week of February, and I don’t know who is more excited me, my fellow teachers or the children!

Thank you for impacting students academically and spiritually to prepare them for a brighter future.


Autumn Update, 2018

Dear Friends of Love Alive,                                                                                     10-02-2018

Happy Autumn! Though there is no changing of color in the leaves here, I’ll still enjoy our green hills, lush with plantain trees, cassava, tea and coffee plants. Once again as I begin a letter to update you, I find it difficult to squeeze into one letter all of the wonderful things God continues to do here.

ACTS–This past Sunday, as my family and I visited one of our ACTS churches, Agape, I was thrilled to recognize a new face in the church choir. Excited, I shared with Pastor Patrick that Esther had been a student in our sewing center 3years ago, and her daughters, who accompanied her, are elementary students in our sponsorship program.  Pastor Patrick then shared that he had the privilege to baptize this mother upon her faith in Christ.  Seeing their faces in this church and hearing about her faith in Christ exemplified to me how God is working in and through Love Alive. While this lady has been impacted by her own vocational training and her children’s education, seeds of the Gospel were planted, though we did not see the fruit initially. Now, a church that we are partnering with has been used of God to help this family grow in their faith in Christ.

As you think of the churches here, please continue to pray.  I am very pleased with the churches we work with, such as this one I mention. While they cannot meet in their own buildings for now, they are sharing a church with 3 other congregations, all meeting at different times, in order to keep their congregations together. Please pray as we have 2 churches we are partnered with who are ready to build as soon as their building permits are granted.  In both cases, the paperwork is waiting on its final approval at the highest level.  We do not doubt the approval, but it is a work of patience as we wait.QCNC5129

Scarlet Cord—This week as we visited the home of a Scarlet Cord graduate upon hearing of the tragic death of her husband, I thanked our teacher Console for truly loving these students, and not only while they are in her class, but long after they have completed our program.  She replied that this is what she loves about working with Love Alive. “We don’t just teach a skill to help them physically, and we don’t just say, ‘God loves you; be saved.’  We offer them that love and demonstrate it through the works God has given us to do. Then as we teach God’s word and teach His love and salvation along with those actions,  that is when everything comes together for these ladies. That is when we see God really work in their lives.”_SAM6573

I am extremely grateful for the Rwandan staff God has blessed us with as we minister together.  Many of you requested the prayer sheets of the students in our center this year. Thank you very much for praying for these ladies. Continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will work in through our center and in their lives for His glory.

God bless you all for your prayers and kindness to this ministry. You are a very important part of all God is doing here.


With Immense Gratitude,

Laura Y.

6,315 Churches Closed. What Can We Do?

20170621_102823 bw

In mid-February of this year, the Rwandan government brought about a list of new laws for all churches siting safety and hygiene as concerns. By March 20th, in this tiny country, the government had shut down 6,315 churches.

As you can imagine this has greatly impacted the body of Christ here in Rwanda. While there are still churches open, the majority of churches we have worked with and in are closed until they can meet the new safety standards.

Of our Acts churches, 4 of the 5 have been closed.

Of the 10 churches where we most recently held Sunday school trainings, and saw 7 new Sunday schools emerge totaling 250 children reached, all 10 have closed.

Churches where we have held trainings, vacation Bible schools, Bible clubs, youth conferences, all have been shut down.

One dear pastor friend was the lead pastor shepherding 30 rural churches. All 30 were closed.

However, we can help. First, we can pray for the body of Christ here in Rwanda. I am personally praying that the believers would be strengthened in their faith, that they would become more determined to share the Gospel in legal manner, that they would trust God and give sacrificially to further the church and meet the new guidelines, and that among like-faith churches, there would be unity of pastors and leaders, that there would be more potential for churches to work together to build and meet the new regulations and open their doors.

We can help these churches build. The government has promised that as soon as the churches that were closed are able to meet the new building regulations enforced, they can reopen. The difficulty is that most village congregations have little or no capacity to do so, but we can help. I have had the privilege to come to know well several pastors and their churches. I know that they are solid in their doctrine and passionate about sharing the gospel. I know that these pastors are dedicated, selfless, and self-sacrificing to carry out their gospel mission.

It is deeply impressed upon my heart, that we be part of helping churches build.

A brick church, meeting the new regulations can be built from between $10,000 and $15,000. This would include foundation, cement flooring, metal roofing and reinforcement, and metal doors and windows. The price varies due to location and size. Two of the specific churches we are working with already have land on which to build.

Will you please pray with me for the church in Rwanda, and specifically whether God would have you and your church assist these churches prayerfully or financially.

In Christ,

Laura Y,

To support the building of a local church, you can donate here:

Support a Church or here Donate for Churches