Gatare, Living Church

20170619_114307After Pastor Damour started the Kayenzi church, his second church plant (Kayenzi), he began telling me of his dreams to continue planting. Much to my surprise, the next time I visited, he let me know that there was already a group of Christians meeting each week in the home of a Christian, while they walked an hour to come to meet at the Ruzizi church on Sundays.  As they grew to 12 saved and baptized members, In May of 2017 they began renting a small house, and meeting on Sundays.


I had the honor of attending a baptismal service at Lake Muhazi for an additional 12 Members. It was at this time that the teacher, under the leadership of Pastor Damour, informed me that they had found several available tracts of land suitable for building the church when God provided the funding.

When I visited in July, 2017, the registered membership was 30 persons, with an additional 17 persons who had made decisions to follow Christ, and were being disciple in preparation for their baptism the following month.


Church service, Gatare


It has been a blessing and a joy to work with Pastor Damour. As he humbling works among the people in his home region, unknown mostly even amongst his fellow Rwandans; yet, God ‘s blessing and His hand on this ministry is powerfully evident. What a privilege we have to come alongside this brother in Christ to encourage and support him and lift up His hands as he continues reaching his people with the Gospel.

Needs of this church.

  1. Purchase of land: approximately $1,500 USD
  2. Benches, chairs, straw mats, and temporary shelter from sun and rain.
  3. A church building: approximately $8,000 USD
  4. Daily provisions for the members of this rural farming area. Their daily needs that often are unmet include food, clothing, shoes, soap, clean water, medical care, and “luxuries” such as sugar and salt.
  5. The Holy Spirit’s working and strengthening this young church and new believers.
  6. More Bibles for new believers in this quickly growing church.

Visiting the home of a church member.


Kayenzi Church, Pastor Damour

New Land

Preparing the new land for building.

Having now worked closely with Pastor Damour, his wife Gloria and their ministry for three years, I can say that all who know him say he is one of the most godly and humble men a person could ever meet. This is one of the reasons I felt led to work with this friend and fellow-laborer. Pastor Damour was born and raised in a village where few travel. Those who were not born there have no reason to go. Virtually no foreigners ever see this part of the country. Few on earth are likely to know of Pastor Damour or his dedicated and faithful service to his Savior, but he continues faithful to his calling.

As shared previously (click here), Pastor Damour has a testimony of being saved from a life of alcoholism, and making a drastic change to becoming a pastor. After faithfully serving and growing his first church, Pastor Damour felt led of God to begin a new church plant about an hour’s walk through the hills in the area of Kayenzi.


Church Congregation with new Bibles.


This church was officially opened in March of 2016 with 12 believers. In the past year, this church has grown to a membership of over 40 saved, disciple and baptized members. As they have grown, they have transitioned from a small house they were formerly renting to a plot of land., purchased for them by donors of Love Alive. In the spring of 2017, the church began preparing this land for building. At this time, this congregation continues to meet outside until the time when God will provide them with a physical building to meet in together.


Church service.


Please pray with them and consider partnering with them as they trust in God’s provision for a physical place of worship. Rwanda has two seasons, that of intense sun, and the other of daily rain. Neither bodes well for regular meetings outside without shelter.

s worship choir


Children’s worship choir.

Pray also for Pastor Damour as he oversees this church as well as for the teachers, members of Pastor Damour’s congregation who assists in the teaching and shepherding of this congregation.

Pray that God will raise up a pastor who can tend to this church and give sound teaching. Pray that they will continue to grow spiritually and, as they share the gospel with others, they will grow in numbers as well.

Pray for daily provision for the members of this church. On my last visit I noted that not only were there children attending barefoot, but adults as well. Soil erosion is strong in the hills of this area, and crops grow sparsely. These families work hard to grow enough to survive. They rarely see actual money as their living is by farming for their families.