26 Aug

Community Farming

s we sought more sustainable options to continue supporting our families and community, we began our first farming project in September of 2020. We rented 20 acres of land, and selected 50 adults representing 50 families to come and farm. Love Alive provided all the land, hand tools, seeds, fertilizer, chemicals needed. The farmers did all the labor, and labor it was. We have no machinery, and the daily labor in the beginning was toil. Much of the land was uncultivated,...

26 Aug

Hospital Care Fund

While malaria is deadly and excruciatingly painful, it is also thoroughly and readily curable with only a few pills. I left the hospital and returned the next day to find the child in the same pained condition. I soon learned, that though the child had insurance, he lacked the funds to purchase the life-saving and pain-freeing condition. I immediately offered to pay for the child’s medical care. Surprisingly, this life-saving medication along with IV’s, gloves, needles, gauze and anything the...