ACTS: Pastor Emmanuel Gatera, Word of Life Ministries, Kamembe, Rwanda

Gatera Emmanuel 20170313_194110

Pastor Emmanuel Gatera  


Africa:Rwanda, Western Province, Rusizi District, Kamembe Sector

Pastor Emmanuel Gatera is the pastor of Word of Life Ministries Kamembe Campus, from which 6 other churches have begun in the past 5 years. He is the overseer of all seven churches in this area and also acts as Deputy National Legal Representative of Word of Life Ministries in Rwanda (WOLM). He is married to his wife Jane NIYONSABA. Together they have three children.

Emmanuel's family


Pastor Gatera was born in on December 25, 1972, and born again in Christ on August 21, 1982.

Born into a Catholic family, it was his brother’s radical freeing from demon possession that led to Gatera’s entire family coming to faith in Jesus Christ. As he says, “My older brother was possessed by the sickness of demons. My parents took him to different hospitals, but he didn’t get the healing because they didn’t know his sickness. After long time they went in Pentecostal Church. There intercessors prayed for him, and received total healing. At that time, my family of 4 people including me discovered the supernatural power of healing, and decided to repent and accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour.”   After his salvation, Pastor Gatera was baptized, and continued to grow in the church, and was active in the worship team.

In 1992, at the age of 20, Gatera felt God calling him to serve God as evangelist. The same year I went to Bible college. He finished 6 years full-time at Bible school in Democratic Republic of Congo, 2 years full-time at Bible College in Kigali, Rwanda, 2 years full-time at Bible College in Kenya, and 4 years at Word of Life Bible College of Canada through online courses. He holds a BS Bible Studies and Doctorate in Practical Ministries.

As a Pastor and overseer of the 7 churches of WOLM in Kamembe, Rwanda Pastor Gatera continues to minister to orphans, elders, sick, the poor, and widows. He teaches Bible school students every Saturday. Each of the 6 churches begun in the past 5 years has been started by someone he has disciple and taught in his Bible school. , He is blessed with his wife and family who stand by and support his visions in the ministry.20170311_121755



Word of Life is a church intent on connecting people to Jesus and His church through our lives, our words, and our deeds.


Making disciples by providing them efficient Christian education that will help them to grow spiritually (Matthew 28:19-20), and to build local churches that will transform cities and nations.20170521_102629


Love God! Love People! Love Life! Everyone needs JESUS, and Everyone needs a HOME

Word of Life Ministries (WOLM) Core Values:

  • ENGAGING the culture around us (Everyone needs Jesus) – We strive to create an atmosphere and attitude that engages every community that we plant ourselves in. We constantly reach out to every aspect of our society in every possible way to help connect people with Jesus. 
  • Living in AUTHENTIC Relationships (Everyone needs a HOME) – The church is not just a meeting but a community of people who strive to live in healthy authentic relationship with each other. These people are a testimony of Jesus in their communities. Relationships with core leaders and pastors must be truthful and honest at all times. Sometimes relationships can be just religious and have no depth at all, or can be fake.  
  • EMPOWERING Potential (Everyone has something to contribute) – We believe that it is part of the churches job to unlock, release the God given potential of every minister. Whatever sector of culture and society God has called you to. Each pastor or core leader is NOT to do the entire ministry themselves, but to see potential in others and train and mentor them to fulfill their destiny on our team and their life purpose. 
  • Driven by COMPASSION – The church must be actively involved in local projects of compassion as well as international works of compassion.  Even in poor areas, there has to be a focus on caring for people who are desperate. 
  • For all GENERATIONS (Everyone belongs) – We believe in longevity and strive to build churches that reach and touch every age group of people. We also believe that churches should last for generations in communities and serve as a pillar of stability in their communities.

At the link below, you can see an interview of me discussing my experience during the Rwandan genocide, my testimony, what I have achieved in the ministry, and my goals in the ministry.

Our current prayer items and visions for the Church:

  1. Financial miracle of $42,000USD for church building and offices on our land at Kamembe location (the headquarter of 7 local churches). The church has purchased a large tract of land, but is praying for the funding to begin building. They currently rent a small building where they meet to worship.
  2. 20170520_124158God’s continued provision for my family and our needs.Schools fees and materials for school of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) we have in the church.
  3. Financial sponsorships for teachers of Bible school. Pastor Gatera currently teaches classes every Saturday voluntarily, but with other teachers or funding, the students could obtain more resources and further studies.
  4. Paying Health Insurance of those in need in our church and community.
  5. Financial miracles for helping church members who live with HIV/AIDS.20170312_111253


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