I didn’t dream of this a year ago. In fact, my ideas were quite simple. I came to Rwanda simply with God as my guide. I simply wanted to show people His love, and trusted He would provide the ways.
When last March we were able to provide a ladies group with 6 sewing machines I was thrilled. The women were blessed and excited, but that was as far as my plans went. Now, one year later, the ladies and their pastor came to me with a proposal. There were 12 committed ladies in the group who wished to have a one year program of skill training in sewing. A skilled seamstress in the church had quit her job in the city, willing to teach them, and they had located a small building next to the church where they could hold classes and practice their sewing together. All that was now required was salary for the teacher, rent for the building, and additional materials and upkeep of machines. By the end of the year, the women would graduate, knowing how to sew very well and have the ability to earn incomes for their families.
Each of these twelve women are in extreme poverty. They live very much by faith. Each of the twelve falls into one or more of the following categories: widowed mother of children, AIDS victim, orphan without any family to help or support. These women are thrilled with the opportunity to study a skill and support themselves and their children.
Love Alive now has a sewing center for these women. It is my hope that at the end of the year, not only will these women be fully skilled and ready to begin their new trade, but we will be able to provide each with her own sewing machine to begin her small business.
Due to your generosity, 12 women are now on their way to a better life.